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Imagine if you could select the best tenant, before advertising the property, and avoid generating hundreds of mismatched enquiries?

With HomeHak Tenant Selector search the address of the rental property and instantly see the applicants looking for a home near that location. Filter by the potential commutes for each applicant, move in dates, who has ID pre-verified and references ready, and many more criteria. Identify the most ideal tenants who will be happy in the property, as opposed to the quickest to apply.

With HomeHak the applicants and properties are shown in one place, and on one map regardless where they are sourced. Invite applicants to submit HomeHak Tenant CVs as applications for your property when you advertise on property websites.

Save even more time, by sharing your selected Tenant CVs with your landlord clients, a task that will take seconds and make your agency look great.

HomeHak is not just about better tenant selection and saving time. It's also about allocating resources to more productive work, like engaging more landlords, providing superior client service and growing the business.

Spend more time on People, not Process, with HomeHak.

Find the right tenant, for the right property, in minutes, today, with HomeHak.

HomeHak Short term Plan

365 days


No credit card required

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Free includes all these great features

  • Receive all your enquiries and applications for each property in one place in a consistent format on the HomeHak platform.
  • Invite applicants to submit their HomeHak Tenant CV as applications to your ads on property websites. No charge to tenants or to your agency. Tenants keep and use their impressive new Tenant CV afterwards.
  • Review and manage detailed Tenant CVs with minimal administration. Make informed decisions about the best applicants, not just the quickest to apply.
  • Offer applicants ID Verification on HomeHak. Performed by Stripe, it's built-in and free for you and your applicants.
  • Tenant references through HomeHak are presented upfront on each Tenant CV. See who has their references ready in advance.
  • With HomeHak Tenant Selector you input the address of the rental property and then review a list of applicants in one central place, who are searching for a property near that location. Use filters to narrow your search and identify the ideal tenants.
  • Central secure document storage for contracts, move-in photos, video, inventory, etc. for each property.
  • Letting agent analytics dashboard to track applications activity with your property listings on HomeHak
  • Tools to match each property to ideal tenants for that property e.g. map showing personalised commute for each property
  • In-platform messaging tool so you can keep correspondence with each applicant, and to do with each property, in one place.
  • Build Trust. Prove you are not a "Fake Agent". Avail of the convenient ID Verification tool with Stripe to verify your own ID and provide reassurance for landlords and applicants you are trustworthy. It's built-in and free.
  • Easy collection and storage of your own character references to strengthen your profile as a great letting agent. Attract the best landlords and tenants.
  • Easy to update all applicants on progress with a property letting, or to advise them they were not successful, with one message to everyone when a property is rented.
  • Let tenants search for compatible co-tenants using HomeHak Tenant Selector, and then refer the final selection to you.
  • As a free member you can search HomeHak Tenant Selector for Tenant CV's of people searching for property like yours. Free member letting agents will see Preview Tenant CV's. Paid members can access full Tenant CV's.
  • Get notified when ideal tenants are searching for a property like the one you have available by saving your search criteria.
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HomeHak Standard Plan

HomeHak is about reviewing suitability of potential tenants for a property before inviting them for a viewing. Great care is taken to protect the personal data of members. Letting agents must join HomeHak in order to:

1. contact selected ideal tenants,
2. offer a viewing of a property or
3. advertise a property for free.

Everything in HomeHak short term plan plus more features

  • Avoid the cost, time and administration hassle involved with advertising on property websites. Use HomeHak Tenant Selector to select the ideal tenants for each property. Only deal with the best applicants.

    Get alerted when an ideal tenant for a property posts their Tenant CV on HomeHak Tenant Selector. E.g. Maybe they work nearby.
  • Communicate with member tenants, landlords, property managers or colleague letting agents using the platform messaging system. Avoid a surplus of enquiries and keep your email and phone numbers available for customer service and new business.

    Share preferred impressive Tenant CVs with landlord clients in minutes. Impress landlords and save time and money preparing reports.
  • Use HomeHak to advertise each property for free to organised tenants who have prepared great Tenant CVs in advance.

    Access up to date tenant information in one central database on HomeHak., rather than maintaining ad-hoc lists of recent applicant details.

    Save money and increase productivity. Empower property managers to select ideal tenants in minutes. Free up agent time to prospect new landlord clients and grow the agency business.

Every Standard Plan includes

  • Feature Invite Agent
  • Help your friends
    Each of your Landlord contacts will also get €5 credit thanks to you, when they sign up to HomeHak. Limited to first 5 credits (€25) in the year.