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  • Easily create your best Tenant CV with a content wizard. Be ready anytime, anywhere.
  • Apply for unlimited properties anywhere. Supply your HomeHak Tenant CV Code or your Tenant CV link. Landlords and agents come to you.
  • ID Verification with Stripe. Simple, built-in and free
  • Streamlined online collection and storage of references for now and in future
  • Central secure document storage for ID documents, move-in photos, video, inventory list, lease, etc.
  • Activity dashboard to track when people view your Tenant CV
  • Tools to help you decide on your ideal home e.g. map showing personalised commute for each property
  • Dashboard to compare properties you apply for, and properties you are offered for viewing
  • In-platform messaging tool so you don't have to publicise your contact details
  • Controls to safeguard your personal information. Only release data when and to whom you wish.
  • Easily share links to your Tenant CV with one or two clicks, during your free trial period.
  • Get notified by email when landlords or agents are interested in your tenant CV
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HomeHak Selector Plan

Advertise your Tenant CV on HomeHak Tenant Selector. Landlords and Letting agents come to you to rent their property, instead of the other way around.
All your home-related information stored in one place.
Show you are trustworthy.
Use one great Tenant CV many times in future. Yearly membership is required.

Students FREE one year.
Retired and Between Jobs FREE.

Everything in HomeHak short term plan plus more features

  • Advertise your HomeHak Tenant CV on HomeHak Tenant Selector so the home you want can be matched with properties offered by Landlords and Letting agents.

    Get alerted with "Save searches" when an ideal property that suits your needs is advertised.
  • Communicate with member landlords, agents or other HomeHak tenants inside the platform No need to publicise your email or phone number.
  • Share a link to your HomeHak Tenant CV any time you see a property you like, even when your are not actively searching.
  • During the year, contact and join with friends as co-applicants in readiness for your next home search as a ready-made household.
  • Store a video of your home the day you move in and share it with your landlord or agent on HomeHak. That way you avoid disputes when it's time to retrieve your deposit.

    Use HomeHak anytime to review activity, control personal data and safely store documents.

Every Standard Plan includes

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