Imagine if you could select the best tenant, before advertising the property, and avoid generating hundreds of mismatched enquiries?

With HomeHak Tenant Selector search the address of the rental property and instantly see the applicants looking for a home near that location. Filter by the potential commutes for each applicant, move in dates, who has ID pre-verified and references ready, and many more criteria. Identify the most ideal tenants who will be happy in the property, as opposed to the quickest to apply.

With HomeHak the applicants and properties are shown in one place, and on one map regardless where they are sourced. Invite applicants to submit HomeHak Tenant CVs as applications for your property when you advertise on property websites.

Save even more time, by sharing your selected Tenant CVs with your landlord clients, a task that will take seconds and make your agency look great.

HomeHak is not just about better tenant selection and saving time. It's also about allocating resources to more productive work, like engaging more landlords, providing superior client service and growing the business.

Spend more time on People, not Process, with HomeHak.

Find the right tenant, for the right property, in minutes, today, with HomeHak.

HomeHak Short term Plan

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HomeHak Standard Plan

The subscription price for a HomeHak Employers page will be discussed and agreed on a case by case basis.

We want to make sure the terms suit each size of organisation.

The principal goal will be to help employees get their Tenant CVs displayed on the employers HomeHak page so they can get selected for a home near their workplace.

A representative for HomeHak will be in touch with you.